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Small Tires Store carries a nice selection of different tread types for golf course use.

The following two tire treads are best for golf carts:

  • Carlisle Fairway Pro’s long-wearing sawtooth tread will provide traction without harming the turf.
  • A ribbed tire is better for vehicles that plan to drive over golf greens, as this type of tread is very gentle.

For other vehicles that roam over golf course turf, consider treads with multiple functions:

  • The Innova Driver IA-8018 is a golf course-approved turf and street tire that can be installed on trailers and other vehicles.
  • For golf cart maintenance vehicles, the Cayman LS offers turf-friendly traction.
  • For a turf-friendly heavy duty tire designed for commercial vehicles, the Innova Greener IA-8011 was built for lawncare professionals.
Please contact us with any questions about which tire would best suit your application at (888) 585-9354

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