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Choosing the proper trailer tires is important for protecting the load you are hauling and the vehicle you are pulling with. With nine brands and many sizes to choose from, in both bias and radial, Small Tire Store can provide you with the right tires for your trailer.

Know your load weight and load rating

It’s important to keep the weight of your load in mind when selecting tires; both of the item you are pulling and of the trailer itself. That number must be divided by the number of tires, the final weight not exceeding the load rating of a single tire. For road use, your trailer tires must be DOT-approved. For a durable bias trailer tire that ride quietly, the Duro HF502 is a good choice. For frequent travelerss, the Titan/Dico STII is a long-lasting radial that cuts down on hydroplaning. If you need some advice on which trailer tire would be best for your load, call our outstanding customer service team at (888) 585-9354

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Example: For 25-10.00-12, use Size 1 = 25, Size 2 = 10, Rim Size = 12

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